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elston's Journal

erich von broheim
12 September 1978
50's rock and roll, 60's garage rock, absurdism, accidental turn-ons, advertising art, aimless driving, al green, albert camus, alfred hitchcock, alternate history, amateur psychology, anachronistic slang, animal collective, ariel pink's haunted graffiti, arrested development, atheism, best show on wfmu, blue note album covers, boards of canada, bob dylan, boris, can, charlie parker, cheap irony, chris morris, college radio, dadaism, daniil kharms, david lynch, defunct sports teams, destroyer, dime store philosophy, diners, disco cash-in records, distrusting strangers, don delillo, emile cioran, ernie kovacs, espers, existentialism, failed commercial products, fender jazzmaster, film noir, flannery o'connor, flight of the conchords, found comedy, franz kafka, free jazz, friedrich nietzsche, fyodor dostoevsky, galaga, gang of four, geek self-loathing, guided by voices, hating george w. bush, heists, historical mysteries, howlin' wolf, inside jokes, interstate highway systems, james joyce, jean-luc godard, jean-paul sartre, jerry butler, john barth, john coltrane, jokes about dead celebrities, joseph conrad, joseph heller, kremvax, magazine, marginalia, marx brothers, michael o'donoghue, miles davis, misanthropy, mission of burma, mr. show, ms. pac-man, namechecking chester alan arthur, nathanael west, neu!, not updating my blog, old country music, old video games, oneida, outsider music, overusing commas, p-funk, pavement, people who aren't douchebags, post-punk, postmodern literature, prejudging people, prewar blues, pseudointellectualism, psychedelia, raymond carver, reflexive cynicism, richard pryor, robert coover, robert johnson, sabermetrics, satire, schadenfreude, scott walker, sctv, simpsons reruns, situationism, sketch comedy, skip james, soul music, spinal tap, spring weather, squandering my potential, stanley kubrick, steely dan, stoner rock, stupid puns, subconscious associations, suburban decay, surrealism, syd barrett, t.s. eliot, terry southern, the 13th floor elevators, the fall, the fiery furnaces, the high hat, the new pornographers, the office, the pop group, the sopranos, the wire, thelonious monk, thomas pynchon, underachieving, unfinished projects, unremembered nostalgia, urban legends, urban planning, vague wistfulness, vladimir nabokov, w.c. fields, warner brothers cartoons, william gaddis, william s. burroughs, wire, wonder showzen, wu-tang clan